Challenge Question:
How can frugal innovation improve waste management, fuel consumption & usage of green technologies in urban Indian households?

The Brief:
90% of Toyota vehicles exceed 2010 fuel efficiency regulations, the majority are certified ULEV, that’s how Toyota vehicles achieve 95% recyclability. Every year, Toyota produces nearly 10 million cars. That production process uses more than 1.5 million cubic meters of water. Of that amount, excess of 1.2 million tons is returned to water ways and airways, and it is much, much cleaner than the law requires. Toyota follows earth-friendly processes and products to achieve sustainable production which doesn’t have any waste. When waste does occur, it is recycled and reused- like the trimmings from carpeting at Toyota plants, which are ground up and turned into sound insulating pads. Also, every new Toyota on the road offers better fuel efficiency than the previous model. Toyota wanted to go deeper and seek better solutions for low cost solutions.


The Plan:
Innovative Ideators was looking for the Relevant Crowd for this challenge & shortlisted 200 Institutes of India which can get the solutions for Toyota. Top Institutes include IITs, IIMs, MDI, National Institute of Industrial Engineering and such… Relevant Crowd for this challenge was chosen across 50 Cities. With the detail oriented problem solving approach, these Young Indians seemed like a Crowd with ideas to ensure the quality, maturity and sincerity of the solutions they put forth.

Toyota Green Journey Challenge 2012 was launched across 50 cities of India, through online channels. Thousands of students were reached with 5000 students registrations to participate in around 2500+ teams and shared their ideas in brief. 656 ideas were shortlisted by Toyota and these ideas were converted into Intellectual Properties after presenting in front of senior management panel for the challenge, out of which 3 ideas were shortlisted to be the best three ideas to be presented to a senior management jury.

With such involvement & initiative on such technical subject, participants of the challenge & the company succeeded in meeting their objectives. Management of the company says – in the words of Mr. Sandeep Singh, “It will really help us in sustaining green technology environment. This kind of initiative is welcome in Toyota because it’s not only inside the organization but outside the organization helped us in generating awareness and communication with young generation and people at large.” Mr. Shekhar Viswanathan adds, “Frankly, to me, the whole idea of crowdsourcing is a very unique and very innovative way of reaching out to the consumer. In our effort to go green, I believe that a consumer plays a very big role, in all our efforts in assimilation of green technology.”

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Challenge Question: How can frugal innovation improve waste management, fuel consumption & usage of green technologies in urban Indian households?


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