About the Brief:
The Ocutag mobile visual search platform, developed by Ricoh Innovations, connects mobile users with a variety of related digital media through the simple capture of an image. Ocutag’s open APIs and online services enable and support the integration of visual search into mobile apps.

Ricoh Innovations wanted to create an ecosystem of app developers who would experiment with Visual Search Technology by creating industry specific apps for selected companies.

The Plan:
Looking at the needs of Ricoh, we partnered with leading companies of five industry segments and helped each of the company define the challenge brief which would benefit both Ricoh and the company mutually.

Please take a look at the summarized case brief of each company

  1. Fashion- Provogue

Provogue wants to leverage upon dynamic contextual advertising, cross & up-sell recommendations and enhance print media advertising to enrich the consumption of content and increase brand engagement, essential in such a competitive market by using AR technology. The app can redefine the in-store experience for the customer by making the products more accessible with the help of features like finding additional sizes or styles online & order them for home delivery or store pickup.

  1. Automobile-Renault India

Renault India wants to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world to deliver an enthralling experience using the Augmented Reality Technology. The mobile app would redefine the driving experience, provide detailed product description, reviews, can create ecosystem around the customer & Renault to offer mutually fulfilling experience after sales service management tools and a marketplace for its customers.

  1. Real Estate-Windsor Shelters & Housing group

Windsor Shelters & Housing Group would like to aggregate their entire ecosystem i.e. vendors, suppliers, contractors, architects, interior designers, bankers, financial institutions and private equity partners networks to provide best value for Customers by providing detailed, accurate information about the company, project, location, benefits, and marketing programs anytime.

  1. Advertising – Purple Focus

Purple Focus wants provide all the required information intuitively about the company, work culture, work done, clients, social presence, current happenings, about the team, reviews about the company, what media is saying about it, buzz in the marketplace, testimonials, suggestions, tagging on a project and most importantly a wow experience which motivate the existing clients to retain and new & prospective clients to have their work at display.

  1. Online Retail- Madinindia.in

Madinindia wants to bridge the gap between the in-store experience and online shopping using Augmented Reality Technology to make online experience more real and bring delight to shopping. They want to lead the game via its online store by having an app to galvanize the buyer and give a new experience to them through technology that would not only make shopping easy but also create a whole new intriguing virtual yet personal experience.

Ocutag App Developers Challenge 2013 was launched across India through online channels with a huge prize purse and an opportunity to network with the juries, Ocutag Team & Ricoh Innovations Management. We reached out to lakhs of developers with help of direct e-mailers, social media campaigns and offline partnerships with developers groups. IT colleges have become the new hub of app building enthusiast and we reached out to the top 25 technical institutes of India with the help of Innovative Ideators THINC Program. Industry veterans were asked to help us publish special industry specific blogs to engage and inform all genres of audience.

Ocutag App Developer Challenge 2013 received a staggering response from app developers across India, who have shown their coding intellect to come up with the concepts and mock ups for their individual apps based on the Augmented Reality API from Ricoh. 307 App Developers team registered for the Ocutag Challenge out of which 50 teams have qualified for the final round. The qualifying teams are currently working on their individual industry specific app over the course of 60 days to submit their fully functional apps and compete for the crown of “Best App” in their chosen category.

In-depth Case Study

About the Project

Ricoh Innovations wanted to create an ecosystem of app developers who would experiment with Visual Search Technology by creating industry specific apps for selected companies.


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