Launching SaintX – A Premium Suiting Brand Defining the Brand.

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Banswara Syntex Ltd. – a manufacturer and exporter of a world class range of pure & blended fabrics in wool, silk, cotton, polyester and natural fibers was exploring the possibility of creating and launching their own fashion brand for the highly competitive suitings market of India.

The brand objective was to create a new language of style and innovation and become a fashion icon

Key Imperatives

  • A premium brand for the young.
  • A brand that is exciting, alive, and passionate
  • Of immediate relevance to the target customer

On analysis of competion and vacant spaces available for the brand we found that in premium segment only Raymond and Reid & Taylor were the competition

While Raymond reflected the softer side of affluence and defined success for a 35-50 year old, Reid & Taylor pegged its imagery on adventure, excitement and success for a 45 – 50 year old dynamo. Success as a brand attribute is hygiene for the category

On analyzing the prevailng cultural reality we concluded that

  • Success in India is coming earlier and getting younger.
  • There is tremendous optimism in the air
  • Want-based spending on the rise
  • A return of the masculine ideal is being observed

Based on analysis and research the following insights on the new Indian man were arrived at

  • The contemporary Indian male has no inhibitions flaunting his risqué traits.
  • He wants to be sexy, fashionable yet comfortable with his image in varied environments.
  • He likes to be wanted & desired.
  • For him the drool quotient is important, but with an effortlessness that’s surprisingly blunt.

Based on these learnings we zeroed in on the name – SaintX

  • SaintX defines the “Wicked” yet “Smart Avatar” of the Indian heterosexual male.
  • SaintX describes a man’s attitude and something that is very much a part of his ensemble. The red dot in the brand’s logo signifies the fire in a man that is symbolizes his attitude of dare, breaking rules and acting dangerously.
  • In keeping with SaintX’s aim to celebrate the true spirit of being a man, the brand encapsulates the varied moods/roles of the new age man through its communication, highlighting its brand values of modernity, individuality a devil may care attitude and fashion.

The Results

  • SaintX was soft launched in July 2012 amongst retailers (Diwali orders) to an overwhelming response; achieving it’s ‘year one’ volume objectives.
  • The consumer launch, select magazines followed in September 2012 along with product placement.
  • Diwali 2013 saw sustained retailer interest that resulted in consolidation in existing and expansion into newer markets.


Banswara Saint X 1
Banswara Saint X 2
Banswara Saint X 3
Banswara Saint X 4

About the Project

The objective of Banswara Syntex Ltd  was to create a new language of style and innovation and become a fashion icon.


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