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Case Study - How we helped Patrika increase its advertising revenue.

The Challenge

Although it had become the clear number 2 daily in terms of circulation, Patrika editions in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (MPCG) were not getting their due share of local advertising.

The Background and Our Approach

Patrika was launched in Indore in 2008 and by early 2010 it had established its presence across all major centers of MPCG. By 2011 Patrika had acquired impressive numbers to become a close No 2 to Dainik Bhaskar in all MPCG markets. However, despite its numbers Patrika was not getting its due share of local advertisng.

The client’s brief was very clear “We need to do a numbers campaign – clearly establishing our circulation, after all we have grown to become the No -2 in this market and we should be getting our due share of the local advertising pie

We however saw the problem differently. We believed that making advertisers aware of our numbers; however impressive; will only help in reinforcing Dainik Bhaskar as No 1 in their minds. Hence the danger of being permanently slotted as a No 2 was a very real possibility.

During our interactions with Patrika readers we discovered that its bold, take no prisoners approach to journalism was seen as a breath of fresh air. A big reason for Patrikas’ success amongst readers was that it was perceived to be a newspaper which represented the true ideals, values and integrity of journalism.

We believed that we needed to showcase this strength of Patrika in our communication. We needed to dramatize the Patrika offering by highlighting the difference Patrika has made to the daily lives of common man. The campaign needed to create a buzz around Patrika in a way that would make Patrika a part of everyday conversation of the common man.

“AAG LAGA DO PATRIKA KO” presented the impact Patrika had made on the lives and businesses of the powerful vested interest groups in society. The campaign consisted of a series of newspaper inserts, direct mailers, hoardings and radio spots.

The Results

The campaign ran for 3 months and was successful in its objective of creating buzz & excitement around the brand. It opened the doors for the Patrika space selling teams when they approached local businesses. Everyone wanted meet and listen to the Patrika story and what it had to offer.

There was a 70% increase in local advertising and Patrika gained in circulation as well, adding 37,000 copies in the key cities of Indore, Bhopal & Raipur.


Indore Edition -inside
Patrika Aisi Ki Taisi1
Patrika Aisi Ki Taisi2
Patrika Aisi Ki Taisi3
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Indore Edition -innovation
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