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Reconnecting With The Youth. The Digital Agenda

Navneet Education Limited is a 50 + years brand having a rich legacy of providing quality reference material and text books for students appearing for their board exams and competitive entrance exams. Over the years, Navneet has expanded its offerings in contiguous categories such as Stationary, Pre-Schools, and E-Learning.

Navneet’s brand belief – ‘Knowledge is Wealth’ has been its guiding light and has always reflected in Navneet’s corporate and brand conduct.

In order to remain relevant and for a deeper more meaningful engagement with students (their core target customers) Navneet has embarked upon a comprehensive digital program.

Following an audit of the existing digital assets the following steps have been initiated

  • Revamping the website from a brochure website to a modern responsive site accessible over all digital devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  • to be the hub of all digital activities
  • Applying the ‘4E Model’ (Entertain, Educate, Excite and Experiment) and revamping the social media strategy to make it interactive and engaging.
  • Create rich content that builds on ‘Knowledge Is Wealth’ by giving it a dimension of ‘Cool’ and stand for promoting a culture of smart thinking.

This is an ongoing program and is evolving continuously.  The results thus far have been extremely encouraging.