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Kriti Oil

Positioning Kriti Refined Cooking Oil

The Challenge

How to create a unique & differentiated image for a regional cooking oil brand operating in a highly competitive market dominated by national brands; where health and taste benefits have already been appropriated by competing brands?

The Background and Our Approach

Although Kriti Oil had never advertised before, it enjoyed adequate salience and loyalty amongst its small customer base. This was on the back of retailer endorsement & competitive pricing vis a vis national brands. However Kriti Oil was not a top of mind brand and there were no distinct attributes that customers strongly associated with it. On persistent inquiry, customers would just say that they bought it because of its superior quality.

In a high value and high involvement purchase, food product category; ‘Quality’ is hygiene and at best a claim. Kriti Oil needed to stand for something beyond product and connect with its customers at a deeper emotional level.

We explored the various dimensions of quality and what they meant to consumers and arrived at a relevant and unique positioning opportunity built around ‘Purity’

Purity – Quality is implied.

Purity – Built in health and goodness connotations.

Purity – No cooking oil brand had explicitly claimed it

Purity – Rings true for Kriti Oil (No Additives, no extractions either)

Kriti Oil – Pyar Sa Pure (As Pure As Love)


The Results

In 6 weeks of the campaign breaking Kriti Oil witnessed a 60% increase in monthly sales in its bulk as well as consumer packs.

Trade enquiries from contiguous markets also increased substantially facilitating entry into new markets.