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Design the packaging

Challenge Question:

Design the packaging of a 4 pack for DANONE’s DanetteChocoSmoothie.


The Brief:

DanetteChocoSmoothie is a luscious chocolate drink, which is enriched with the goodness of more than 80% toned milk. It is available in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune. This rich textured Smoothie is targeted towards smart, passionate and confident youngsters between the age group of 16-25 years. Participating designers are required to design the packaging of a 4 pack of Danone’sDanetteChocoSmoothie which reflects the attitude and persona of today’s youth. Designs should be made considering its self appearance i.e. how the new packaging will look when its kept side by side in display. The packaging design should stand out and convey the message – “Drink a Smoothie – Be a Smoothie.”


The Plan:

Innovative Ideators shortlisted various design institutes and design communities across India, to get the best packaging design solution for DANONE ChocoSmoothie. The design acumen of the communities ensured that the quality of designs truly resonated with the brand’s requirement.



DANONE Packaging Design Contest was launched for design institutes and individuals through various online channels. We reached over 50,000 people from the target audience through Colleges, Arena and Facebook. The contest received an overwhelming response in terms of participation and submission of designs. More than 2000 participants registered and downloaded briefs from Facebook. Submitted designs were judged by the senior management team of DANONE India.



The packaging design competition received number of brilliant designs from the participants. Entries have captured the real essence of the brand and incorporated it into the creative designs. The winning design will be launched in the form of a promo pack, giving special recognition to the winner and will be sold across 1000+ outlets in India. The brand also incorporated some valuable insights received from the competition regarding the product flavors and target audience for its strategic movements.