About Us

For simplicity,
let’s call Purple Focus a 360 degrees
advertising and experience agency.

However, it goes beyond the realm of advertising. We love the craft of designing communication and reaching out to people in a way that is interesting, entertaining, relatable and relevant.
We are in this business since 1996 and we are a fully integrated outfit, having offices in Indore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Goa. But we do not like to describe ourselves in this manner, as there is so much more than advertising that we do and a description like this does not do justice to what we do.


Let’s talk about our starting point. The approach that we have to solving a problem for a brand is holistic. Which is why we are media agnostic. This means that we do not have a preset preference for a particular medium. We rather examine exactly where the brand has to reach or achieve and plan the activity around it accordingly.
We love studying and observing people – which is one of the key reasons we are in this business. Every brand has a certain audience. And before we even put pen to paper and start designing, we spend a good amount of time understanding our audience. We study their tastes, preferences, hobbies, mindset, education, lifestyle, purchasing power, social life, dreams, fears, perception towards other brands and general behavioural pattern. This, along with the brand features put together, helps us in arriving at a solution which is closest to what is needed.

People don’t buy what you do.
They buy WHY you do it.

This is what we firmly believe in. And whatever we create or design, we make sure that the WHY is strong, convincing, relevant and touches the heart. After all, we are talking to human beings, not robots.
For us, there is nothing called ATL or BTL. We believe that every communication or brand activity is CTL (Cutting the line). This CTL approach ensures the best and the most efficient deployment of the brand’s rupee by ensuring that the message, tonality and behaviour remain the same across different mediums, digital as well as on-ground.


Now the question that might arise in your mind is whether Purple Focus has the capacity to carry out all this. Here, we would proudly like to mention that we have thoroughbred in-house specialists for all the functions like

  • events
  • activation
  • strategy
  • digital
  • planning
  • servicing
  • media
  • audio-video production
  • creative
  • crowd-sourcing.

We have a team of more than seventy professionals based in Indore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Goa who will work the best possible solution for the brand. Whatever the geography, the client will have only one touch-point for his deliveries.