We believe in the power of Emotions.

We believe that human beings are, first and foremost emotional creatures guided by their hearts.

All buying decisions of customers, from the mundane everyday ones to the truly momentous ones, all of them have an emotional ingredient to them. Always.

We believe our task is to identify a relevant human emotion that a brand can own and create a compelling brand story around it, so that the brand can create an emotional & sentimental bond with its customers. We believe a brand that can do this successfully is a ‘Happy Brand’


We believe in the powers of Singularity and Simplicity.

We believe that in this complex and over communicated society, the virtues of a brand’s message being singular and simple cannot be over stated. That today, consumers are increasingly becoming desensitized to advertising and that in order to stand out, be noticed and deliver results; communication needs to be simple, single minded, speak from the heart and most importantly speak to the heart.

We believe in commonsense, and in questioning accepted wisdom!

Sounds contradictory? It really is not.

It has been our observation that many a time commonsense is really not all that common. For us common sense is the application of judgment gained from insight and experience. We apply it liberally even if it means questioning accepted wisdom. We firmly believe that, intuitively if one feels strongly about something, it is probably right.

This confidence comes from loving what we do, a deep & intuitive understanding of the hearts & minds of Indian consumers and a strong belief in our team’s talents & abilities. All of which come together in our promise to our clients.

To help their brands become ‘Happy Brands’

Our Logo embodies our corporate spirit, culture and strengths. It also gives a peek into how we approach our work.

It’s design; a unique blend of the universally acknowledged global icon representing a happy state of mind – the ‘Yellow Smiley’ and the mythical Indian ‘Third Eye’ of insight, understanding and enlightenment; beautifully captures our reason for existence  – ‘To create insightful and meaningful communication solutions that deliver desired business results and build ‘Happy Brands’


The ‘Red Eye’ represents Passions, Sensitivity and Emotions emanating from the ‘Heart’.

The ‘Blue Eye’ represents Logic, Knowledge and Reason which reside in the ‘Head’.

Red & Blue combine to form ‘Purple’- represented in the ‘Third Eye’ of Insight and Creativity.

At Purple Focus we give holistic communication solutions based on sound logic, strategic knowledge, incisive insights and responsible creativity.

We are proudly ‘Made in India’. Our team members come from various towns and cities of our country, where they have grown up playing in the streets of this ‘Real India’.

The Real India; which doesn’t limit itself to the confines of the Metro cities; which gives our team a deep connect with its street sensibilities and an intuitive understanding of the minds & hearts of Indians. This cultural conditioning and rich resource of insights is the bedrock of our ability to deliver meaningful and result oriented solutions.

Our Approach – Understand People First. Be Media Agnostic. Provide True 360° Solutions. Help Create Happy Brands.

At Purple Focus we always ‘Come From People’ when addressing any marketing communication challenge.

Who are the people the brand wants to address?

How do they relate to it? How do they relate to the brand’s competition? How do they relate to the brand’s category?

What are their beliefs, their values, the factors that have moulded these in the past, and the forces which are shaping them today?

What are their dreams, their fears, and their hopes?

Where do they live? Where do they socialize? How do they spend their free time? So on & so forth.

Understanding the problem from a human angle always helps us in arriving at the most effective communication solutions not restricted to any particular medium. This way we make no distinction between ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) channels, we rather believe in CTL (Cut the Line).

An approach which ensures the best & most efficient deployment of the brand’s marketing rupee by ensuring that the brand’s message, tonality and behaviour remains the same across different mediums.

As a group we have the in-house expertise and capacities to provide 360° marketing communication solutions, from conceptualization to execution, in the following specialities

  • Strategic & Creative Advertising Solutions
  • Strategic & Creative Digital Solutions – Complete Web Presence including Website, Search Optimization, Online Advertising, Media Planning & Buying, and Social Media & Online Reputation Management.
  • Event Management – On-ground Activations, Consumer Contact Programs (Engagement, Sampling or Demonstration), and Conferences & Seminars.
  • Audio Video Production – TVCs, Documentaries, Training Films, Radio Spots, and Still Shoots.
  • OOH Solutions – Media and Innovative Retail Merchandising Solutions
  • Crowd Sourcing Solutions

We provide these services through our group companies and a team of 90+ skilled and energetic professionals spread across our offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Indore.

We also ensure that for all the multiple services the client does NOT have to deal with multiple teams. The client interacts with one dedicated client servicing team, which in turn, coordinates with the specialist internal teams to deliver a seamless 360° communication solution for the brand’s marketing communication problem.